Learning Corner

Images in Cardiology/ Interventional Cardiology/ Electrophysiology/ Pediatric Cardiology

Case reports published should have excellent images of rare or typical cardiac presentation. Image modalities include photography, echocardiography, computed tomography, Cardiac MRI and Pathology specimen.


Maximum word count 300 (no abstract required) up to 4 authors can include a maximum of 2 figures up to 3 references. Echocardiology, Cardiac MRI, and Angiographic clips can be sent with fixed pictures. Running images will be displayed on Pakistan Heart Journal Website.

  1. Title
  2. Author information
  3. Summary
  4. Case Description
  5. Authors contribution
  6. References
  7. Learning points
  8. Four Stem questions with answer if feasible.

Single case supported by clinical details and three multiple choice questions with explanation. The images should be high quality and interest to cardiology presentation.

The format should be as under:

  1. Clinical Vignette (200 words)
  2. Single figure.
  3. Three multiple choice questions focused around case interpretation and further management. Each question should have five answers of which one is correct. All of the above and none of the above should be avoided.
  4. Explanation for correct answers to each question should be provided (50-100 words)
  5. References (Four maximum)
  6. Additional images / videos should be provided as supplementary materials